SO you've booked your session... Now what?

I know, the stress of dressing yourself and your entire family can be A LOT!

Here are a few tips to help ease that stress and get the most out of your photography session with me!

Dress Mom first

That's right! I know it feels wrong... : ) but it makes the whole process easier. Make sure to choose clothes that you love and can move in. You don't want to be uncomfortable or to have to be adjusting your clothing the whole time. Once you have got yourself set and an outfit that you feel great in, you'll be in a better headspace to build the family's wardrobe around it!


Everyone dressed in the same shirt is out! :)

Instead, pick colors and tones that coordinate and complement one another. Try to stick to a certain theme like neutrals or cool tones... but don't overthink it!

Basically, you don't want one kid in lime green t-shirt, another in a red sundress, and your hubby in slacks and a maroon sweater.

Another factor to think about, which is sometimes missed, is where these photos will end up. If they are going to be blown up and in your bedroom or living room, wear colors that compliment your space. If your home is decorated in neutral tones, you probably don't want a 20x30 of the family in neon colors smack dab in the middle of your wall!


Feel free to mix in a couple different patterns and textures to add some dimension and character to the lineup. the key here... less is more. Don't have everyone in stripes, polka dots and florals. That's a lot and too busy. An example would be: Mom in a white or solid color linen dress, a boy in corduroy overalls with a white cotton t-shirt, second boy in a solid, neutral button up and nice jeans, girl in floral or striped dress/top, Dad in nice jeans with a forrest green henley or polo.

I'm also a big fan of chunky sweaters and flannels in the fall!

Definitely steer clear of logos/ words/or characters on clothing as the can be distracting.

dress for the ENVIRONMENT & accessorize!

Think: sunhat for the beach, a cozy blanket for a grassy field, Also, try to have your outfits "match" the location... You don't want to be hiking up a foothill or maneuvering a sandy beach in 4 inch heels, but those would look great in a downtown/ urban setting. If the heels & hills are a must... pack them in and change into them on location.

Sessions with me aren't a whole lot of standing still and smiling, I want to capture you guys in your element! So, pack a picnic, a bottle of Champagne, bring a football for the kids to toss around towards the end of the shoot, anything to make it YOURS!